Social community standards
At maxxer we are extremely excited to provide you with an internal social network feed on which you can find, respond and publish on our cryptocurrency related news feeds.The community feature allows you to share posts from other users and to follow and tip users with $MXXR tokens.

maxxer has a vision to create a world in which digital assets play an impactful role in the way we build wealth and impact for the new generation. We have created a platform that enables everyone to obtain digital assets which will help to build wealth and impact.

As we want to create a strong and safe community we want to ensure that you feel free and empowered to communicate when you comment or post feeds related to crypto. To achieve this, we take our role seriously in keeping abuse off the service. That’s why we developed community standards for what is and isn’t allowed and what is encouraged in the maxxer community. These standards will help you to understand what type of sharing is acceptable on maxxer and what type of content may be flagged, removed or result in restricted access.
We encourage you to:
Be constructive;
Keep it relevant;
Encourage a discussion;
Not be shy.
If you would like to increase your exposure in the maxxer community, feel free to use the following tips:
Upload a photo and make your name visible;
Present yourself as a trustworthy/responsible trader by sharing your thoughts; and explanations of your trading in the community;
Participate in conversations and help others with their questions.
We consider that freedom of expression in the maxxer community is important but we also recognize that the social network creates an increased opportunity for abuse. For this reason, we apply the following principles when we limit expression in the community:

maxxer strives to create a community that is fun, energetic and helpful.

maxxer endorses the principles of reliability and security, therefore everyone can feel safe at the platform.

maxxer is committed to build an inclusive community where everyone is welcomed.

The maxxer community is an environment to teach and learn more about crypto. Of course we allow off-topic communication as long as it is respectful.

Maintaining respectful language and content is our most important principle, maxxer will remove content that represents insults, intimidations, threats or any kind of abuse regarding other users.
Community standards
A community’s backbone is built on mutual respect between its members; respecting each other is to respect ourselves. To achieve this ethos, maxxer applies the following standards:

No bullying
Bullying can take many forms: from making threats and releasing personally identifiable information, to sending threatening messages and making unwanted malicious contacts. maxxer does not tolerate this kind of behavior that limits the freedom to express by insulting or diminishing others or their opinions.

No trolling
maxxer does not tolerate users that intentionally incite conflict, generate provocation or purposely upset others in the community. All discussions should remain polite and to the point.

No discrimination
maxxer does not tolerate demeaning, threatening, or attacking other users based on age, background and/or identity.

No solicitation
Please note that you may not post, share, or display any video content on our platform that includes third-party advertising, such as pre-roll video ads or sponsorship graphics, without our prior consent.

No hate speeches and slurs
maxxer does not tolerate swear words or any other type of profanity or insults on posts or social trading performance.

No Illegal and Regulated Activities
maxxer does not allow discussions, or promotions of illegal or highly-regulated activities like drugs or alcohol.

No misleading identity
maxxer does not oblige you to use your real name in the community, but we don’t allow you to impersonate an individual or misrepresent yourself by using the maxxer logo or any other brands within your profile or posts.

No scams
maxxer does not allow deceptive schemes on our platform, like sending or posting phishing or scamming links or requesting passwords to access another user’s account.

No spam
maxxer is not a place where you can share content that is designed to deceive others or that is shared repeatedly and is disruptive for the platform.

No sexual harassment
maxxer does not allow sexual content or activity of any kind. Do not post or encourage posting of sexual or suggestive content, especially involving minors. This includes content that depicts, discusses, or suggests: sexual acts or nudity.

No threats of violence
maxxer does not allow threats to others or to encourage such threats, or to incite violence against people or property. We may communicate with law enforcement agencies regarding credible threats of harm.
Market manipulation tactics
False information
Never post misleading information about your account and/or your trading skills.

Investment advice
Never offer any direct investment advice, or anything that may be interpreted as investment advice. Do not call for direct action (such as “invest in”).

Market manipulation
Do not make false promises or entice others to trade/invest or attempt to create volatile market situations.

User manipulation
Do not provide instructions on specific trades or on how to trade.

Fake news
Do not share/spread misinformation, unverifiable information and rumors.

Do not share content that is designed to deceive others or that is shared repeatedly and is disruptive for the platform. This includes clickbait-type advertisements, repetitive and large-volume messaging.
Private details
Never share your private information on the maxxer news feed and never encourage others to do so.
Intellectual property
maxxer does not allow violations to intellectual property rights. You must make sure that all content you post belongs to you or that you have a right to post that information and that you do not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyright, contract rights or any other rights of any individual or make derogatory remarks regarding, defame orotherwise criticize any person or entity.
We encourage you to:
To ensure that these standards apply to everyone on the platform, maxxer may at anytime take the following actions in case posts, comments or a biography do not follow the standards:
maxxer can give you a warning;
maxxer can remove your content;
maxxer can ban you from the community.
maxxer can temporary or suspend your account;
maxxer can restrict your account.
Contacting maxxer
If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact us via chat or

maxxer ensures that every user is able to speak out against any transgressions of these standards. If you aren’t sure if something does not comply with the standards please contact us so we can take the appropriate steps.